How To Manage Finances For Students, 5 Tips

As a student, especially those who wander away from home and parents, must be able to adjust or adapt to a new life. When the beginning of life away from the family must be a lot of things that happen unexpectedly that sometimes makes students ' minds chaotic, one of which is about finances.

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When living away from family and parents, many conveniences will be lost. For example if you used to live with family, if you want to eat we just go to the kitchen and take food then we eat, certainly different when away from family, if you want to eat we have to cook first, or more practical is to buy eating out.

And of course, student life cannot be separated from finances, which is why students are required to be able to manage finances wisely, with the hope that the money that comes out is for things that are useful and can meet their needs to the maximum.

Here are some ways to manage finances for students

1. Record Monthly Needs

Usually students will receive remittances from parents or family at the beginning of each month, instead of the money being used immediately without thinking it is better for you to note in advance the needs that will definitely come out, and in addition note also the impromptu needs that can arise.

By noting what needs are there, then for the next step you will be easier in distributing money for living expenses for the next 1 month. This method is one way that is very effective to do, but sometimes some students are too lazy to do this.

After you have recorded all the needs that exist, the next step is to divide the finances according to what needs exist. Your boarding needs are separated from the needs on campus, your eating and drinking needs are differentiated from internet needs and needs that support our collage.

2. Don't Spend All The Money

As much as possible when you first receive a money transfer and you have finished recording all your needs, leave some money for you to save. Make sure that the money you save will not be used for things that are not too important.

Then you use this savings money to meet the needs that very suddenly arise and your financial situation is not okay, by doing this you will have what is called a "reserve fund" that will make you more calm.

3. Frugal Living

For some students, the end of the month is one of the frightening specter that always comes to mind, not least because the financial condition will be depleting. Therefore, students are strongly advised to live frugally, especially in managing finances.

One of The Life-Saving tips for students is "cooking", by cooking we will be more efficient in food needs. Because the cost that comes out to Cook will be much cheaper than buying food outside, besides that the portion obtained will be more if we cook ourselves, and certainly at a more affordable cost.

4. Record Expenses

For point number 4 is still related to point number 1, every time we buy/use certain services, it would be nice to note these expenses, and we adjust whether the money that comes out has met existing needs?..

With bagini we will not think too much about where our money goes and is used for what, besides recording all expenses is our way to appreciate every money that comes out, and used as evaluation material for the days ahead in order to use money more optimally.

5. Distinguish Needs and Wills

Needs are all things that must be met and needed by us, for example eating, drinking, shelter, decent clothing, and other things that support a person's life. While willpower is a feeling of things that arise because we want something, but not necessarily we need it, for example, expensive branded clothing, newly released gadgets and so on.

Therefore, distinguish which one should be the priority of a student every month, and distinguish which one is a willingness that is not necessarily the Will can provide benefits for Student Life. By having a mindset like this, at least we will be a little restrained when we want to buy something that is not too supportive of Student Life.

Those are 5 Tips on how to manage finances for students, it is hoped that after you read this article you can apply the points above in your life and can make your finances even better in the future.

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